Appalachian Trail Stream in Winter

Icicles hang over a chilly flowing creek.

During a winter shoot along the Appalachian Trail, I captured tree matter frozen in time over a stream. When inspecting the photo later at home, I was surprised by the intricate detail revealed by the low light from the sun. When viewing a large format photograph on the computer, the details are not seen when viewed as full frame. This video provides both the full frame view, while also exposing the details it contains.

The small Photo Story app allows the user to arrange photos on a time line, while zooming in/out of each in a video-like fashion. It was used in producing this brief video.



Virginia contains nearly one fourth of the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. With 550 miles, it never lacks a rewarding experience. Needless to say, it offers tremendous opportunities for landscape photographers like me.


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